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THE SXDH^EAN SXDDHXjST.                                            223

temple know the greater part of it by heart? though I have ascertained that very
few of them have more than the vaguest general idea of the meaning. Even the
best-informed of the Pujaris  Kishori Chand  -who went over it carefully -with
me, supplied an interpretation of some passages which after eonsulatlon wiih
other Pandits I could see was quite untenable and was obliged to reject. The
connection of ideas and the grammatical construction, are often so involved that
it is highly probable my version may still be not altogether free of errors,
thcmgh I have done my best to eliminate them. The doctrine inculcated does
not appear to differ in any essential point from the ordinary teaching of the
other Yaishnava sects : the great duties of man; by the practice of which he
may have an assured hope of attaining to ultimate salvation, being defined as
submission to the divine will, detachment from the world, and an unquestioning
faiih ia the mystery of the incarnation.

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